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Welcome to Church Online

Welcome to Church Online with Fremont First United Methodist Church! We want to seek Jesus, make disciples, and Love always. We meet in person at 815 N. Broad Street, Fremont Nebraska, and right here online. Our 9:00 am service features a traditional choir, organ, and piano; our 11:00 am service has a live band. Whichever you prefer, we are glad you are here!

Weekend Worship

Outnumbered & Overwhelmed

Anyone else feel overwhelmed at times?  Some days it feels like life is throwing a lot at us, and we are struggling just to keep up.  Maybe that leaves you exhausted. Maybe you feel unsettled. Maybe you give in to addictions, or wrestle with guilt, or internalize insignificance.  

So did Gideon.  Buried in the heart of the Old Testament book of Judges, Gideon’s story is similar to ours – the odds were too long, the problems too big – and yet God transforms his identity and frees him from the overwhelm.  Join us at Fremont First United Methodist Church as we see what his story has to say to us today.



Ways to grow throughout the week

Worship might be on Sunday, but you can connect with God every day.

Small Groups

Connect weekly with a group of Christians to grow deeper in your faith

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Morning Prayer

Join us on Facebook Live for morning prayer. Weekdays, 8:30 am

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Reading Plan

Read through the book of John using our plan

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