COVID-19/ Coronavirus Announcement!

Friends of Fremont First UMC,  

We hope you are having a great week so far!  We wanted to take a brief moment and update you on our response to Covid-19/Coronavirus.  Here at Fremont First UMC we are taking precautionary measures during this time of worry, fear, and uncertainty.  We are in communication with authorities and will adjust our plans as the situation develops.  

This week we will be taking precautionary measures and will not be having our regular Wednesday Night Programming.  However, we will have alternative options for you to grow in your faith. 

Look for discipleship opportunities in the form of short devotions or 5 minute theology reads posted both on our website, as well as our Facebook page for activity/listening/reading suggestions for you to be spiritually fed.  While we will be away from one another in person this week, we are never far in spirit.

During this time, we ask you to do the following: 

  • stay home if a member of your family is sick – you can join us online! Even if you are fairly confident that it’s nothing, our ministry is for all, and we want to care for our immune-comprimised persons.  
  • Pray for the healthcare workers, scientists, and researchers who are risking their own health to confront this disease
  • Take common sense precautions, such as washing your hands thoroughly.
  • Remain calm.  Pray hard. Live with defiant hope. 

Grace and Peace, 

Rev. Bill Gepford // Senior Pastor 

Jill Harman // Director of Discipleship

Makenna Ritchhart // Communications Coordinator

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