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Activity Avenue Boredom Busters!

Hey Church Community! Check here for weekly activity updates and ways to spiritually connect with your child. Peace and Grace, and lots of love!

For now, we wanted to start by giving you a free coloring page. The coloring page features the prompt “God calls me…” and allows for a variety of possibilities for reflection:

  • What is God calling me to do, or not do, right now?
  • Who is God calling me to be?
  • What name is it that God calls me?

Prayers for When You Feel Anxious – Coloring Pages (Prayers included!)

Talking to your kids about Covid-19/Coronavirus

Are your kids asking about Covid-19? Not quite sure what to say? We recommend the podcast episode, “Coronavirus For Kids, And the Science of Soap.” Follow the link below or search your favorite podcast app. 

Click to download our printable Coloring Book! 

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