Regathering Plan

Thank you for being the Church in these uncertain times!  Since its inception in the book of Acts, the Church has been about a movement of a community – not a building.  During this season when we cannot meet in our building, I’ve been so grateful for the way that you have reached out to one another, and to the broader community, to offer comfort and love.  

As of Saturday, November 14th, in the early morning, the decision to return to online-only worship effective immediately, was approved.

Dear Church Family,

I hope this message finds you healthy – physically, and spiritually.  I apologize for sending two emails in one day; however, the Risk Dial for Three Rivers Public Health Department updated late this afternoon, after the enote had already gone out.  The dial has reached 2.0 – the previously established threshold that our Church Council had determined was the mark at which we would return to online-only worship.  Therefore, we will not be able to worship in the church building this weekend.  We will remain online-only until the risk dial drops back under 2.0, or ‘High Risk’.  

I wish we could be together in person – not just those who are comfortable coming on Sunday during Covid-19, but all of us.  And I know we will have that opportunity again some day; this too shall pass.   Until that day comes, our Fremont First United Methodist Church leadership built a plan designed to keep you safe – a plan based on prayer, scripture, our United Methodist Theology, and consultation with denominational and civic authorities.  Returning to online only is the best way we can accomplish our mission in the current situation.

I’m sure this decision might weigh heavy on some.  I understand that, and I sympathize.  You are in my prayers, and I hope that you will pray for me as well.  

Friends, we knew this was a possibility in a pandemic.  We are prepared for this, our plans are comprehensive, and we have the right leaders to make it happen.  We will return to online-only, so that we may be wise as we Seek Jesus, Make Disciples, and Love Always.  Worship changes this weekend, but God does not.  We’ve got this, church! I’ll see you online at 9:00 and 11:00. 

Grace and Peace,  Pastor Bill

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