Only a disciple can make a disciple A.W. TOZER


Immerse yourself in camaraderie and enlightenment each Wednesday at Fremont First United Methodist Church!

Commence your midweek uplift at noon with Bible studies led by Pastor Jill. Savor this hour as an opportunity to delve deeply into the Scriptures and nourish your spiritual hunger.

As the evening unfolds, join us for our growth groups—a harmonious blend of sustenance and conversation. Dinner is served at 5:30 PM, a prelude to thought-provoking group discussions starting at 6 PM.

Parallel to this, our dynamic children's programming ensures a vibrant and educational experience for your little ones. Additionally, we provide nurturing nursery care for children younger than PreK, ensuring a safe and engaging environment for all ages. Join us and let Wednesday be your weekly beacon of fellowship and discovery!


At Fremont First United Methodist Church, we cherish the wisdom and journey of our seniors in their golden years. To enrich this season of life, we are delighted to provide an array of fellowship opportunities designed with our esteemed elder members in mind. Throughout the year, we organize delightful excursions to local destinations and convivial luncheons, fostering community and creating lasting memories.

Understanding the practical needs that may arise, our church offers a compassionate helping hand by lending medical equipment to families in need. Our commitment extends beyond our walls, as we ensure regular visits to those confined to their homes or residing in nursing facilities, bringing comfort and spiritual fellowship to their doorstep.

We are dedicated to serving as a bridge to vital resources for individuals and families navigating the waters of life's transitions. For the convenience of our community, registration for all events and services is available at the Fireside Room, located at the Monroe Ministries Table.

Join us in a place where faith meets life, and every member is valued and supported.

Small Groups/Bible Studies

Get Connected. Go Deeper.

Fremont First United Methodist Church extends a heartfelt invitation to you to become a part of our vibrant tapestry of seekers and learners. In our intimate small groups and engaging Bible studies, adults from diverse backgrounds unite to delve into the profound mysteries of scripture and unearth the significance of faith in everyday existence. Whether your quest is for deeper wisdom, companionship on your spiritual sojourn, or the creation of significant bonds, we assure you there is a welcoming space for you here. Embark on a journey of collective enlightenment and camaraderie within our congregation. We eagerly await the opportunity to embrace you in the enriching embrace of community and shared spiritual growth.

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