Pastors & Staff

Tony Dawson

Senior Pastor

Reverend Tony Dawson serves as the senior pastor, bringing a wealth of experience from previous pastoral leadership at churches such as York and St. Andrews in Omaha. Reverend Dawson's ministry is deeply rooted in the concept of grace, a theme so central to his teachings that he is often heard reminding his congregation that "grace happens." Alongside his pastoral duties, he cherishes life with his wife, Kathryn, their wonderful children, and their delightful grandchildren, finding joy in the family's shared journey of faith and love. Reverend Dawson continues to inspire his community with his heartfelt sermons and unwavering commitment to living out grace in everyday life.

Jill Harman

Associate Pastor

Associate Pastor Jill Harman steps into her first call within the United Methodist Church with vibrant enthusiasm and a wealth of experience. Her journey before ordination saw her enriching lives as the Director of Discipleship, a role through which she deepened her dedication to the concept of grace and the redemptive power of restoration. With a seasoned background as a classroom teacher in both secondary and higher education, as well as her impactful work with at-risk youth for the Salvation Army, she brings a profound understanding of the nurturing role education plays. Pastor Harman's heart for service extends to her home, where she is supported by her husband Mark, shares joy with her three wonderful step-sons, and finds companionship in their two rescue dogs, embodying the spirit of family and unconditional love in every aspect of her life.

Mark Harman

Director of Worship and Music

Mark Harman, our Director of Worship, brings an impressive tapestry of over 30 years of expertise in the music industry to our congregation. In addition to his role with us, he shapes young voices as the Vocal Music Director at Fremont High School, a testament to his lifelong commitment to music and education. Mark has a fervent passion for ministering to others through music, creating harmonies that uplift the soul and foster a vibrant worship experience. Outside the melody of his professional life, Mark treasures moments with his wife Jill, their three sons, and the playful companionship of their two rescue dogs, orchestrating a life filled with love, family, and the joy of song.

Julie Schwanke

Director of Children's Ministry

Our Director of Children's Ministry has woven her devotion into the very fabric of Fremont First United Methodist Church with over 30 years of dedicated service. A lifelong member of the church, her experiences span from her childhood days in Sunday school to guiding the current generation through their own faith journeys. Her passion for children's ministry and child development is deeply rooted in her commitment to nurturing the seeds of faith in our young ones. When she's not in the church halls, she's cherishing moments with her wonderful children and grandchildren, sharing the joys of faith and family. Alongside her husband Lynn, she exemplifies the warmth and dedication that have become synonymous with her service to our church family.

Janet Todd

Administrative Assistant

As the newest administrative assistant at our church, she may be fresh to the position, but she is certainly no stranger to our congregation. A longstanding member, she is regarded as an institution within our church family, bringing with her a wealth of experience from the banking industry. Her keen eye for detail and exceptional organizational skills ensure the smooth operation of our church’s day-to-day activities. Embracing the concept of hope in every aspect of life, she radiates positivity and love in both her professional role and personal endeavors. Outside the office, she cherishes time spent with her husband Tim, their wonderful son, and their beloved grandchildren, weaving hope into the tapestry of her family's life.

Paula Schneider

Office Manager

Paula Schneider, our esteemed church office manager, has been the cornerstone of our church administration for over 30 years. Known affectionately as the true engine behind our operations, Paula has steadfastly been our rock, blending efficiency with a touch of humor that lights up the office. Her unwavering commitment is often met with lighthearted jests that she's the one who actually runs the place — and not entirely in jest. Serving with a heart full of love and laughter, Paula has shaped the very heartbeat of our church life. When she's not expertly steering our church activities, Paula revels in quality time with her husband Randy, their two daughters, and the joys of doting on her lovely grandchildren, crafting memories that are as cherished as her presence is in our church community.

Tammy Ehrich

Monroe Ministries Coordinator

Tammy Ehrich, our devoted Monroe Ministry Coordinator, has been a beacon of service at our church for over a decade, dedicated to the well-being and enrichment of our cherished senior saints. With a nurturing spirit, Tammy has lovingly prepared and personally delivered weekly meals to our homebound members, ensuring they are nourished both in body and soul. Her talent for organizing engaging excursions—from cultural outings in Omaha to relaxing visits at Master’s Hand, and an array of luncheons and shows—brings joy and a sense of adventure to our seniors' lives. Tammy’s kindness and heartfelt dedication to our elder community are as evident as her enthusiasm in planning these treasured experiences. Beyond her ministry, Tammy finds her greatest joy in the company of her family and the sweet moments shared with her grandchildren, embodying the love and care she extends to every member of our church family.

Sadie Browm

Youth Ministry Coordinator

Sadie Brown, our dynamic Youth Coordinator, has swiftly become an integral part of our ministry through her outstanding ability to connect with and enrich the lives of our young members. Her commitment to teaching and planning vibrant events has breathed new energy into our youth programs. With a dedication to fostering youth development and spiritual growth, Sadie’s passion for investing in our youth is evident and truly heartening. In addition to her role within our church, she brings valuable insights and enthusiasm from her experience as a local elementary school teacher. Away from her professional endeavors, Sadie’s life is further brightened by the companionship of her cats and the love she shares with her fiancé, Andrew, creating a harmonious balance of service and personal joy.